Church Walk- 3rd September 2017

Please join us for a walk along part of the Fife Costal path on Sunday 3 September. The idea would be to meet up at Aberdour early mid afternoon and arrange to travel to Burntisland by train/bus and walk back. Members of the Newhaven Running Club may prefer to run the round trip! If weather permits there could be an alternative beach option. Please bring your own picnic. The local church has an evening service at 6.30pm or we could have our own on the beach. It is weather dependent but please note it in your diary. Detailed instructions will be available shortly.



Prayer Meeting with SU workers based in Former Soviet Union- 26th August 2017

There is an opportunity to hear about the work of Scripture Union in parts of the former Soviet Union next Saturday. Michael Rowe who for a long time has worked co-ordinating the support and Nikolai Podrez a local worker will be with us for the Saturday Prayer meeting on Saturday 26 August. The intention is that they will outline briefly any particular prayer needs before we turn to prayer. Then they will stay on and anyone who wants may join us for informal chat over a light breakfast.

At 10am there will be coffee and some eats and they will go into more detail on the work. We are keen for folk to join us in prayer at 8am but if that does not work for you please come for 10am to meet with them then when there will be time to hear more.