A preview of our reading and hymns for Sunday 24th March 2013

Palm Sunday service

This Sunday (24th March) we will be holding our Palm Sunday service, and please feel free to join us.  At the service, our Minister, Peter will be reading Luke 19:28-44 ‘Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.’  To see this reading online, please follow the link to the BibleGateway website: ‘Luke 19:28-44 Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King.’

Our hymns for this Sunday will be:

  • MP No: 457. Make way, make way 
    Words and music Graham Kendrick, Music arranged David Peacock
  • MP No: 242. Hosanna, hosanna
    Words and music Carl Tuttle
  • MP No: 9. All glory, laud and honour
    Words Theodulph of Orleans, tr. John Mason Neale, Music melody Melchior Teschner, harmony from Johann Sebastian Bach
  • MP No: 790. You are the King of glory (Hosanna to the Son of David)
    Words and music Mavis Ford MP
  • MP No: 99. Come on and celebrate (Celebrate)
    Words and music Trish Morgan, Music arranged David Peacock

Last week’s sermon

Song of the week

Please follow this link to hear our song of the week: ‘The Servant King’.