Holy Week Prayer Walk Guide



This prayer walk for Holy Week 2021 is an opportunity for you to walk around the community of Newhaven with your heart, your mind and all your senses, open to God. It combines reflective devotional elements as well as encouragements to pray for specific parts of our community.

In devising this walk, we have been very conscious of the challenges that everyone has faced in the last 12 months. Although at Easter we celebrate the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection from death, we wish to avoid any suggestion that this means all the difficulties of life will melt away. Most likely, they will not. Rather, we wish to encourage a willingness to hold those difficulties as we patiently wait upon God’s kingdom. Perhaps it is through the pain of those difficulties that we can better see how and where Christ brings light into the world.

The map is a guide only, as are the suggestions for prayer below. Feel free to adapt them as you feel appropriate. Rely on your own words and thoughts, and do not worry that God might not understand what you’re thinking or trying to say. God will. Leave space for simply being silent with God.

You can walk alone if comfortable with that, or as a small group (COVID-19 restrictions permitting). However you go, please do take care as you cross roads etc and be aware of your general safety. We do not recommend this walk in the dark.

How to take part in the Prayer Walk

To take part in the Prayer Walk you can either follow the PDF document which you are welcome to print out, or follow online on a smartphone also using the link below.

Download the Prayer Walk PDF (the link will open in a new page and you can download or print from there)

Take part in the Prayer Walk online