Sunday School Groups

We have a range of Sunday School groups for different ages. Please see below for details of each of the groups.

We are on the lookout for helpers! If you would like to be a helper in one of the groups, please speak to one of the leaders mentioned below, or to Peter, our minister. We can arrange for the necessary Disclosure Scotland checks to be carried out.

Little Lights (Pre-school)

Photo of Little Lights

The Little Lights group is for preschool children, and runs every Sunday except for the first Sunday in the month, when we hold our All Age Service. All children initially attend the regular Sunday morning service, leaving after the second hymn and going to the Little Lights room.

This allows parents with young children to relax and enjoy worship, in the knowledge that their little ones are in safe hands. We have the support of a loving and faithful team who are required to complete a Disclosure Scotland application for child protection before helping with the children.

Our aim is to ensure that the little ones, who Jesus viewed as so important, are cared for, to help them know about Jesus and the love he has for them.

Our time is spent having some free play, a bible lesson/story, craft, songs, games and a snack. Generally we have fun so if you have children of this age please come along you would be most welcome.

For further information please contact Jeanette Meek.

The Lighthouse (P1-6)

The Lighthouse is for children in Primary 1-4. This group runs every Sunday morning except for the first Sunday in each month, when we hold our All Age Service.

Photo of Newhaven lighthouse

All children and leaders leave the church service together, after the second hymn and go to the Lighthouse room where we sing a few lively worship songs and then split into groups to continue our activities.

During Lighthouse lessons we explore the Bible in a fun and interactive way. This is done through a mix of stories, games, crafts and prayer. We welcome any child and the activities take place in a friendly and fun environment.

If you would like to find out more or would be interested in helping with this group please speak to Lynn MacNeill. We are looking for helpers who would be eager to help ensure that the children hear the message of Jesus.

Youth (P7-S6)

Youth is for older school children, in their last year of primary or in secondary school. The group runs every Sunday except the first Sunday each month, when we hold our All Age Service. The young people initially attend the regular Sunday morning service and, after the second hymn, we leave as a group. All the children then go to the Lighthouse room for a brief time of worship together (singing songs and prayer). After this we go to our own room for a lesson of approx 30 – 40 mins. At Youth we encourage the young people to apply their minds and feelings as they respond to God and the bible.

Youth runs regular breakfast clubs and monthly Pizza and Pudding social events, where the young people can relax with friends, as well as discuss issues of faith and the Bible. They are also encouraged to to help out as leaders for regular church events such as our Christmas Extravaganza and holiday clubs, allowing them to spend time with the younger children and serve as examples for them.

We meet every Sunday from September – June (except 1st Sunday each month which is an all age family service). If anyone would like to volunteer to help out you too would be made most welcome.

For more information please speak to our youth worker, Cassie Abousamak, or email her at



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