Pastoral care

The Pastoral Care Group within Newhaven Church offers care to members of the congregation who need assistance, inspired by Jesus’ instruction to Peter in John 21:16 to “feed my sheep”.

This care can take many forms but, in the main, it comprises home visits, offered in addition to visits by elders.

The Pastoral Care Group have a team of visitors who carry out this work on behalf of the church. The members of the group, and the visitors, are always mindful of the confidential nature of their work.

The group’s other duties include prayer support, the distribution of flowers and gifts from the church, and befriending new members to the church.

The Pastoral Care Group comprises the following members:


  • Peter Bluett, Minister

Representative of Session:

  • Heather Robertson, Elder


  • Linda Brunton-Bruce
  • Lesley-Anne Weir
  • Elizabeth Thomson

If any member of the congregation feels in need of pastoral care, or knows of someone in need, they can contact any member of the group and their request will be dealt with sympathetically.

Peter is the main point of contact for matters of a pastoral nature but any member of the group may be contacted using our details below: Peter Bluett (476 5212), Heather Robertson (552 2047), Linda Brunton Bruce (467 2199), Lesley-Anne Weir (07486 440234) and Liz Thomson (554 9176).

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