3 candles lit on the third Sunday in Advent

14/12/2014 sermon – God’s Grace (Isaiah 61)

In our sermon on the third Sunday in Advent, Peter considered God's Grace and presence in the context of Isaiah 61. To see this passage online, please follow this link to Isaiah 61 on the BibleGateway website. You can click on the player below to hear a recording of the sermon: Alternatively, you can right click on this link to download …

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Photo of a heart outlined on the pavement in chalk, completed by feet at the bottom of the heart

11/05/2014 sermon. Amazing Grace

In our family service on Sunday 11th May 2014, our Minister Peter considered Grace and loving each other unconditionally in the context of Isaiah 58:10-11, and Mark 6:6b-13.  A recording of the service's sermon is available to play below, or by right clicking on this link to download the sermon to your computer. To read these Bible passages online, …

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