Christian Aid Week 2013 banner

Christian Aid Week – 12-18 May 2013. Please help!

IF there’s enough food for everyone…

IF there’s enough food for everyone why are there around 870 million people in the world today desperate for food? One in eight people will go to bed hungry tonight. It’s a scandal.

In the last 10 years more than 50 million children have started going to school in sub-Saharan Africa, while deaths from measles have fallen by 75%. But hunger is still a huge problem.

But IF we bite back at hunger, starting with this Christian Aid Week (12- 18 May 2013) we can help communities find ways to not only survive but thrive, with enough food to eat, not just today but tomorrow.

We can make IF happen, IF we deliver aid and IF we stop big companies dodging tax in developing countries.

Christian Aid Week 2013 banner

Your help during Christian Aid week would be appreciated

By helping out with Christian Aid week at Newhaven Church this year you are helping to feed the hungry. Christian Aid use the funds collected to help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

Please see Shona Adam if you are able to spare an hour during 12-18 May – your small effort will make a huge difference.  For more information please visit:

Thanks, Shona