A Dark Night of the Soul- Sermon 30th June 2019


Psalm 22:1-2

In this sermon Rev. Bluett considered the common human experience of the dark night of the soul, examining the story of one of the most celebrated writers on Christianity, CS Lewis, and his struggle with faith following a difficult bereavement. He looked at how we, as Christians, might understand and respond to such struggles.

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Image of silhouette of crucifix

26/01/2014 sermon. What lies at the heart of Christianity. Part 2 Trying to understand suffering (Psalm 22:1-18 and Matthew 5:13-16)

In our Communion service on Sunday 26th January 2014, our Minister Peter considered suffering in the context of Psalm 22:1-18 (Plea for Deliverance from Suffering and Hostility) and Matthew 5:13-16 (Salt and Light).  Peter also highlighted the importance of remembering that as Christians with a living faith, God works both in us and alongside us.

A recording of the service’s sermon is available to play below, or by right clicking on this link to download the sermon to your computer.

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