Good Friday day of prayer

We are holding a day of prayer again on Good Friday. This is a chance to provide a service for the community which only the church can provide. We are offering unconditionally prayer for anyone who wants it. We do need volunteers to deliver the leaflets around the parish inviting folk to send in their prayer requests.   We need our members to sign up for part of the parish – particularly in you live in it.  The leaflets are required to be delivered in the next 10* days. We also need folk to sign up to come to the church to help us to have a time of continual prayer throughout the day between 7am and 7pm on Good Friday. The day is divided up into 1 hour slots. There are 12 x 1 hour slots and we would like at least 2 or 3 people per slot.  Lists are available in the cafe area after the service or see any member of the Mission and Outreach group for further information.