Song of the Week 5 – Here is love

We sang the song ‘Here is love vast as the ocean‘ at Newhaven Church yesterday and lots of people commented on how great a song it is. We sing it fairly regularly as it has awesome words, an amazing tune, and a beautiful new chorus in-between.

The original first two verses of the hymn were written in Welsh by Gwilym Hiraethog (aka William Rees) and published in 1855. They were then translated into English by William Williams and published in 1901. No one is very sure of where the third verse we sing comes from. The tune is credited to Robert Lowry who died before the song was published in English. It is also known as the ‘Love Song of the Revival’ relating to the Welsh revival of 1904.

We chorus we sing was written in around 2009 by Kate Simmonds and made popular by Lou Fellingham and Phatfish. Some of us at Newhaven Church first heard this version at one of the ‘Women Walking with God’ conferences in Edinburgh where Phatfish were leading the worship.

Hope you enjoy singing along!

Click here to find this song on iTunes.

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