Our Annual Stated Meeting will be next Monday, 19 March 2013

Annual Stated Meeting – Vision and Strategy

The Annual Stated Meeting of the Congregation will take place on Monday 19th March at 7.30pm. Why not make an evening of it by joining us at 6.30pm for a potluck supper!!

In our Annual Report for 2012, the Kirk Session explained how we should look back upon the shared journey of Newhaven Church through 2012, and discuss and form a Vision and Strategy for the next stages of that journey. We urge members, regular attenders and all people who are even vaguely interested in or connected with Newhaven Church to read the Annual Report and reflect upon it!

The Kirk Session’s plans asks a lot of the Congregation and its faith, and if they are to be anything more than words on a page, the Vision and Strategy need the support of the Congregation. This year’s Annual Stated Meeting, which will be held on Monday 18 March 2013, will give all members and regular attenders the opportunity to reflect upon the Vision and Strategy, to discuss it, to ask questions of the Kirk Session and to voice support or otherwise for it.

We hope that as many members and regular attenders will attend this very important event in our Church year. It’s a time for fellowship and celebration of where we have been together, and a time for support, encouragement to each other and the seeking of God’s blessing for the times ahead.

Colin MacNeill, Session Clerk

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