Heart and Soul 2013 – 19th May 2013

A celebration for the whole Church on Sunday 19th May!

In recognition of the 1450th anniversary of Columba landing on Iona, Heart and Soul 2013 will be inspired by Celtic Christianity, with all the richness of its themes: hospitality, pilgrimage, journeying, deep peace – healing and wholeness, creation and its care, celebrating the good earth, contemplative prayer, Trinity, representing Christ to the world, inclusive community, Christ in the stranger’s guise, rhythm of the seasons, prophecy, soul- friends, being ‘on the edge’.  And it’s exciting that Sunday 19th May also coincides with Pentecost on the church calendar!

So come along with your congregation and bring your friends to celebrate the life of the Church in Princes Street Gardens, 1- 6pm. Come and meet friends old and new, enjoy kids and youth fun, music, drama, interviews and seminars. Come and learn more about how God is at work in His Church. Come and sing for all you’re worth along with thousands of others at closing worship… do all that and begin planning now as a congregation how you‘re going to share your story with others at Heart and Soul 2013 on 19th May.

For more information call 0131 225 5722.

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