“Where is the justice in foodbank Scotland?”

This article has been taken from its original source on the Church of Scotland’s website.

The head of one of the most influential councils in the Church of Scotland said that what she wants for Christmas is justice for people reliant on food-banks.

“There is a gospel bias for the poor and the Church of Scotland makes deliberate decisions to ensure that its resources, material and spiritual, correspond to that bias, not as an issue of charity, but of justice” said the Reverend Sally Foster-Fulton, Convener of the Church and Society Council.

Writing on her blog, Mrs Foster-Fulton said:

“In our society we are seeing a huge increase in reliance on food-banks.  Thank God there are still people who will work to tackle food poverty and food insecurity.  To people who donate, who volunteer – who embody care, thank you.  Your commitment and love is inspirational.  My comments aren’t meant to undermine this, but rather to ask the question ‘is this enough?’  Are we in danger of offering a band aid without looking for the source of the bleeding?

“We’re called to question the systems which mean, despite living in one of the most affluent and developed countries in history, there are children who still go hungry, whilst others have a super-abundance of wealth.  Inequality like this is an appalling indictment on our system and our society.  Where is the justice in food-banks?

“Every time you donate a tin, you should pick up a pen, write your MP or MSP and ask why you have just donated food to a food-bank in one of the richest countries in the world!”

The Church of Scotland is dedicated about removing the inequalities that blight so much of society.  The measure of any society is how it looks after its most vulnerable members, added Ms Foster-Fulton.  She said: “This is about what kind of Scotland we want to be.  What kind of Scotland do we want for the one-in-five children living in poverty and for their parents who might be relying on food-banks.  As we fill up our trolleys and put presents under the tree and wait for Santa, what I want for Christmas is justice, a society where everyone has enough food to eat and a roof over their heads.”

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