Shona’s Sticky Toffee Fundraiser!

27th March 2018 – Sticky Toffee Pudding at Newhaven Connections Café.

A member of Newhaven Church, Shona Adam, will be running 26.2 miles around the streets of London on 22nd April 2018. She won’t be alone- around 40,000 like minded people are joining her! You probably know some of them and they all have great reasons for doing so, but to encourage you to help her raise funds for her chosen charities, she is coming to Newhaven Connections café on Tuesday 27th March to bake one of her famously delicious sticky toffee puddings.

Shona is supporting the Child Brain Injury Trust and Murrayfield Injured Players Foundation to help friends who had the tragedy of their son suffering a serious head injury whilst playing rugby for his school.
If you would like to buy a piece of sticky toffee pudding then why not come down to the café on the 27th? All proceeds will go towards Shona’s  fundraising.

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