Prayers for the Week (Commencing Sunday 29th March 2020)

This week I am doing 10 days prayers so that the Thought and Prayers will go on the internet mid-week.  However we will still try and deliver hard copies in time for Sunday so that everyone has a thought or message from Peter on Sunday.

Loving God,

In these uncertain times help us to put our trust in you, knowing, like Jesus, that you will never leave us; that no matter what happens in this world, nothing can ever separate us from your love.  Amen.

Sunday 29 March

It is odd not meeting with others. Give thanks for the ways we can keep in touch and feel united with our brothers and sisters. I understand that BBC Scotland may be broadcasting a TV service at 1215pm. Pray specifically for others in the congregation who may find this time difficult.

Telephone. Credit: Unsplash.

Monday 30 March

Pray for wisdom for the leaders. They may have many very difficult decisions where the option is between the bad and the very bad.  There are no good options. Give them the ability to think clearly and act wisely. Help them to feel with the folk suffering.

Person thinking outside
Deep in thought. Credit: Unsplash.

Tuesday 31 March

Give thanks for the way in which many people have risen to the challenge and good neighbourliness has been reinvented. Give thanks for all those who have volunteered to help the NHS. Pray that they may be kept safe through this time.

Letterboxes. Credit: Unsplash.

Wednesday 1 April

Pray particularly for those with concerns as to their livelihoods. Pray for those who were summarily dismissed. Pray for the self-employed – many of them very small businesses – being the sole worker and the difficulties and worries they are facing.  Remember those with employees and the difficult decisions facing them.

Small businesses. Credit: Unsplash.

Thursday 2 April

Give thanks that Leandra is getting better and enjoying Peter’s support and company. Remember others suffering isolation. Remember the Weir family and in particular Lesley-Anne at this time.

Remember those in need. Credit: Unsplash.

Friday 3 April

Let us remember those on the streets and without homes. They are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Give thanks that Bethany Christian Trust is operating fully. Pray that their staff and other care workers will remain fit and able to service their clients.

Remember those on the streets. Credit: Unsplash.

Saturday 4 April

Remember those who have had to change their plans. Weddings have had to be cancelled. Richie & Jo have had to change their plans. Remember them.

Weddings. Credit: Unsplash.

Sunday 5 April: Palm Sunday

As we think how quickly things have changed, Jesus rode into Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowds. Imagine you were there. Think how things changed in 5 days. How would you have felt? The disciples did not understand but they were clinging to what they knew of Jesus. Let us do the same. Lord Jesus be with us through these times.

Credit: Unsplash.

Monday 6 April

Jesus went into Jerusalem. He saw what was going on in the temple. Pray that as a church we may learn to worship in spirit and in truth.  Help us all to learn from the current situation what it means. Help us to continue to worship in that way while we are apart.

Photo by nappy on

Tuesday 7 April

There was a lot that Jesus saw in Jerusalem which grieved him.  Pray also for the situation there today. In East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Palestinian territory, houses and villages are being demolished. Pray for those facing hardship.

Destroyed homes. Credit: Unsplash.

Wednesday 8 April

Jesus looked at Jerusalem and saw all the problems. He knew that even worse times were ahead with the siege almost 30 years later. Yet he told his disciples that there was hope and that he would return. As we face hard times let us be confident that he will return. Come Lord Jesus, come. Pray that we will be ready.

Prayer. Credit: Unsplash.

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