New Parish Steering Group Update

The three churches of Newhaven Church, North Leith Parish Church and South Leith Parish Church are working together to create a new parish for Newhaven and Leith. A New Parish Steering Group, formed of 15 members, is working towards this goal.

​The Steering Group is made up of five members from each church: Minister/Interim Moderator; Session Clerk; two Elders and one other member of the congregation. You can find out more about the work of the Steering Group, recent updates, the reasons behind the presbytery reform and proposed plans, and other general information at our new website made for the purpose of communicating with all of our communities –

The Steering Group wants everyone to have a voice in this process, and so one page on the website is called ‘Ask a Question‘. Here you can post any questions you have to the Steering Group. They will then form our Frequently Asked Questions page which is also on the website.

Please do have a good look around the website. If you have any questions please use the Ask A Question page.

Many thanks,

New Parish Steering Group – Newhaven Church, North Leith Parish Church, South Leith Parish Church

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