Lost Coins and New Members- Message 3rd March 2019

In today’s All Age Service our Youth Worker, Cassie, looked at the Parable of the Lost Coin, in which a woman loses a precious coin, searches for it and celebrates its finding with friends and neighbours. After an interactive telling of the story, Cassie considered the significance of the Parable for us.

Our minister, Peter, then spoke about what it means to become a member of the Church. The congregation welcomed a number of new members.

To hear the messages by Cassie and Peter, which are on a single audio file, please click on the audio player below.

Sunday Connection_ 10.02.2019

person foot prints on sands photo
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Sunday Connection is our chance to revisit our Sunday groups learning mid-week. Please enjoy this weeks edition attached. This week also includes an idea for thinking about God’s love while the world around us gets all love-heart filled for Valentine’s Day. Please enjoy. SundayConnections_10.02_2019

Sunday Connections_ 03.02.2018

The astute among you may have picked up that we missed out a week of Sunday Connections. My apologies for this as it was quite a full week. On Sunday, we looked at Esther in our all age service. We will have a short Sunday Connection this week below.

Two video retellings of the story of Esther can be found HERE and HERE

To Think Together: Esther was a women of courage, who had to trust in God to bring her through a scary situation. What does it look like to be a person of courage as a Christian in 2019 in Scotland? How about in Iran or North Korea?

Word Wall: Across the week, think of some positive attributes about your children and teens, add these to there door or other place they will see on post it notes. What were Esther’s positive attributes? Thank God for the way he has made each and every one of us.

Sermon on the Inauguration of Jesus’s Ministry- 27th January 2019


Mark 1:9-20

In this sermon, in his continuing series on the Gospels, Rev. Bluett looks at Jesus’s baptism, temptation, the inauguration of His ministry and the calling of the first disciples, all as set out in Mark. He explores Mark’s understanding of the meaning of the good news and the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to listen to the sermon please click on the audio player below.



Flower Donation List 2019 Now Available

The flower donation list for 2019 is now available, pinned to the board to the right of the doors as you enter the church.

If you would like to donate flowers to enhance our worship space and bring pleasure to those who will receive them after the service please write your name against the date(s) of your choice. Please take a note of the dates(s) for your diary!

On the day you are due to donate flowers, please arrive a little early in order to arrange the flowers in the vase (which is kept in the stand in the chancel or on a nearby shelf).

Thank you very much from the flower convenors, Heather, Linda and Lesley-Anne. Your donations are much appreciated!