Sunday Connection 28.10.2018

Lighthouse (P1-P6)

 Bible Passage: Matthew 25:31-46

Aim: To prepare our hearts and minds for the shoebox service our primary school aged children looked at the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats to see that we show our love for Jesus by loving and serving other people.

ParableofSheepandGoatsTo Think About: Sheep and Goats look similar, particularly so in the Middle East.  What sets them apart from one another, is there character. Sheep: Rely on the shepherd. Follow the shepherd.
Goats: Are happy on their own. Like to go their own way. Don’t pay attention to instructions. Would eat anything they could find -including the shepherds cloak!  The children put together the illustration to the left with their leaders’ help. They wrote Jesus’s name on a big piece of card and put a crown over his name to show that he is a king. They drew a sheep on one side and a goat on the other. The sheep would be blessed and they looked happy. They put a smiley face on the sheep. The goats would not be blessed and they looked miserable. Sad face.

Chat together about ways in which your family tries to follow Jesus, including showing His love to others. Why is important to show others about Jesus in this way? If you are putting together a shoebox together this week for next week, chat and wonder a bit about the person who might receive it. Pray for them. 

Youth (P7-S4)

Bible Passage: Judges Ch. 6 & 7. We focused on Ch. 6 and used The Message Translation

Aim: To show that God used an ordinary person, with all of his doubts and fears, for His purpose of rescuing the people of Israel.

Retold Here (Both Ch 6 and Ch 7): This video is aimed at upper primary, but a quality re-telling. 

To Think About: What do we know about Gideon from that he says in Ch 6? What are Gideons fears and doubts in the whole situation? How does God respond to Gideon? Can we bring our fears and doubts to God today? Do we know of any ordinary people who’ve been used for God in big ways now-a-days? If appropriate, pray that God would use your family as part of his story. 

Sunday Connection 21.10.2018

Lighthouse (P1-P6)

Aim: To Pray, understanding that God is listening and wants us to keep talking to him.

Bible Passage: Luke 18:1-8

To Try: Here are a few ideas for praying together! The Church of Scotland has collected a list of great ideas to get creative with prayerHERE

Lighthouse gave our youth a hand in re-creating scenes from Jospeh’s life! How many can you guess? In turn they showed the youth their prayer helicopters.


Youth (P7-S4)

Aim: To explore How God work through Joseph’s gifts, character, and life circumstances?

Bible Passages: Joseph’s Story Found in Genesis 37-50

A Good re-telling: Can be found in the The Bible Project Genesis, Part 2 Found  HERE. Joseph begins at 5:20; however, watching from the beginning is quite helpful!

Things to Think About, all or some: Can you think of any times in your own life where something positive was able to come out of what seemed like a really negative/situation? Describe it, how did you feel in it? How did you feel after? Thinking about a time when you had to think about whether to forgive someone who was mean, unkind, or horrible, or not. Knowing how you felt, how do you think Joseph might have been feeling when he saw his brothers? Who did God use to help him to make his choice about what to do? Who are those people in your life? How could the story have been very different if Joseph hadn’t chosen to forgive?

Sunday Connection Children and Young People

Lighthouse (P1-P6)

Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock

Aim: To be inspired to talk to God

Bible Passage: Luke 11:5-13, Retold  brilliantly in Song Here

To Think/Chat: Why did the man knock at his friend’s door so late? Why do you think he kept trying?  If a normal friend could answer his friends need, as friends of God, is it okay to for us to ask the same thing to God in prayer until we get an answer? Do those answers always look like the things we expect?

Note: As adults, many of us have learned from experience that we often don’t see the answers to prayer in the way that we expect to see them, or exactly how we would like, in fact sometimes the answer isn’t the way we would do things at all! Sometimes we don’t even recognise it ourselves until a long way after. Acknowledging this with children is really important and sharing your own experience is too! The point of this passage is that if this man can persist and receive from his friend, how much more we can persist in prayer and receive from God!

Youth (P7-S4)

Series: Ordinary? Abraham

In youth we are beginning a series on ordinary and flawed people in the Bible that God has involved deeply in the story of his love and redemption of the world.  This past Sunday we looked at Abraham who was promised by God, that he would have a son, that his descendants would be more than the grains of sand or stars in the sky, and that from his descendants would come the Saviour.

Bible Passages- Stories of Abraham’s life and relationship with God are told in Genesis 11:27-25:11. A good summary of the life of Abraham has been made by the Bible Project .

To Think About- In what ways was Abraham Ordinary? What would people have to say about him today? In what ways did he honour God? Did God take away his promise when Abraham made mistakes?  Does God take away his promises to us if we make mistakes? Give thanks to God that His promises never change! Skip ahead to the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 in wonder!

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2018

Please join us in making up shoeboxes for Blythswood to give out to families, children, men and women in Eastern European countries living in poverty and often forgotten.  Showing  that someone cares enough to send a shoebox to them makes a huge difference. Basic gifts make a big difference to people who, after paying bills, have little to live on and no money for extras. The smell of a lovely bar of soap, the household candles which can save on electricity, the warm hats or gloves, the colouring books, pencils, small toys which can bring fun and laughter. Sweets are a real treat to be shared.
Nothing like this will solve poverty but it will bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.
Please look at the video link down below .
Please pick up a leaflet from inside the door in the Church café and check the list carefully for what is allowed and needed. Remember to use a standard shoebox for easiness of packing. No boot boxes please.
Shoeboxes can be brought to our All Age Service on Sunday 4th November at 10:30 am followed by Brunch or alternatively brought to the cafe the week beginning 30th October. No boxes after 4th November please.
Here is the link for the Youtube Blythswood video