Good Friday prayer vigil – please send us any prayer requests

photo overlooking granton from Newhaven

On Good Friday (29th March 2013), we will be praying for those in need in our community and congregation between 4-6pm in Newhaven Church. Please feel free to join us.  A number of prayer request forms are currently in the process of being posted to the community through letterboxes across the parish.  If you do not receive a prayer request form through your letterbox, but would like support through prayer on Good Friday or at any other time, please email and your request will be dealt with sensitively.

Between 6-7pm on Good Friday, there will be then be a period of silence for personal prayer, reading and reflection, interspersed with music and Bible readings, followed by a Communion service which will start at 7pm.

For further information on prayer in the church, please follow the link to the prayer section of the website.

Please visit the following link for further information on Easter services in Newhaven Church.

One thought on “Good Friday prayer vigil – please send us any prayer requests

  1. David Hawkins

    Please pray that I will receive lots of work to pay all my bills and to help other people that are less fortunate than myself Amen
    Please pray for all sick disabled and homeless people
    Please pray Pauline Martin sick, Johnathen Allen

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