Peter’s Easter message

Image of silhouette of crucifix
Image by “Art ~ 4ThGlryOfGod” (Flickr)

Dear Friends,

I think Easter is one of those strange times of the year because its a time mixed with sadness as well as joy, in terms of our beliefs as Christians. It`s a time to reflect upon Jesus and all he was and all he did. It is also a time to give thanks.

In my own reflection one of the things that has struck me about the life and death of Jesus is the fact that Jesus didn`t seek to preserve his life at all costs. In fact he did the very opposite of what evolutionary biologists tell
us that life is about- the constant struggle for survival. Jesus, instead, gave his life away, not only on the cross but in the service of others. He held onto his life with a lightness that was striking and in so doing was selfless. It`s a difficult concept to understand because life is precious but we need to take a leaf from his book and seek to do the same. In that way we will serve God and our brothers and sisters well.

May God bless you this Easter. Much love


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