Song of the Week 10 – I am Yours

Our song of the week post this week is written by Alastair, one of our congregation at Newhaven Church. Many thanks for sharing this song with us 🙂

As a young man Terry Clark began sampling many lifestyles. Finally burned out, he pushed away from reality, humiliated to be a human being.  In that condition he heard a familiar voice. It was his childhood friend, Jesus. The love of Jesus transformed Terry and he was restored as his dependencies shifted to the One who had answered the question, ‘is there a reason for this life?’ A life of intimacy with his “Big Brother” began. 
‘I am Yours’ is a beautiful song from Terry which he sings as a prayer. It’s not a new song – going back to 1986 – but it still carries a powerful message which expresses his deep devotion for the One who loved him and died for him and made him ‘brand new’.

Find ‘I am Yours’ in iTunes by clicking here.

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