A preview of our reading and hymns for Sunday 14th April 2013

Sunday 14 April 2013 service

In our service this Sunday morning (10.30-11.30am), our Minister Peter will be continuing to consider the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:6-12.  You can read this passage online by following this link to Matthew 5:6-12 on the BibleGateway website.

Please note that this Sunday there will also be an evening service starting at 7pm.  We hope to see you there!

Our hymns for this Sunday morning will be:

  • MP No: 6. Ah, Lord God
    Words and music Kay Chance
  • MP No: 528. O worship the King
    Words Robert Grant, Music William Croft
  • MP No: 381. Jesus, stand among us
    Words and music Graham Kendrick, Music arranged Roger Mayor
  • MP No: 89. Come down, O Love divine
    Words after Bianco da Siena, Richard F Littledale, Music Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • MP No: 631. Tell out, my soul
    Words Timothy Dudley-Smith.

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