Church website training on the 29th April – please register your interest if you’re interested!

Screenshot of our website
Screenshot of our website

On Monday 29th April at 7.30pm, we will be holding a website training session in the Newhaven Church café area.  This is open to anybody who is interested in helping or contributing to our Church website.  The website is very easy to update, and there is no coding or ultra-techy type work involved!

When the Communications Group started decided to put the new website together, we were keen that it would be something that would be updated by a number of people across the congregation, ensuring that we spread the ownership of the website throughout the Church.  This would ensure that the website was updated regularly with relevant news and information, that we can all better communicate with each other, and that there is continuity in the event that anyone goes on holiday/ moves out of the parish / etc.

If you are involved in a particular group, help to provide a particular service, or are interested in helping, then please feel free to come along.  If you can attend and have a laptop with a wireless internet connection, then I would appreciate it if you could bring this with you to the session.  If not, then don’t worry, as this will be a group session!

Please let me know if you are coming along, to help me in the planning of the training.  If you are interested but haven’t had a chance to contact me, then please feel free leave a comment below to note your interest.

Many thanks,


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