Sunday Connection 21.10.2018

Lighthouse (P1-P6)

Aim: To Pray, understanding that God is listening and wants us to keep talking to him.

Bible Passage: Luke 18:1-8

To Try: Here are a few ideas for praying together! The Church of Scotland has collected a list of great ideas to get creative with prayerHERE

Lighthouse gave our youth a hand in re-creating scenes from Jospeh’s life! How many can you guess? In turn they showed the youth their prayer helicopters.


Youth (P7-S4)

Aim: To explore How God work through Joseph’s gifts, character, and life circumstances?

Bible Passages: Joseph’s Story Found in Genesis 37-50

A Good re-telling: Can be found in the The Bible Project Genesis, Part 2 Found  HERE. Joseph begins at 5:20; however, watching from the beginning is quite helpful!

Things to Think About, all or some: Can you think of any times in your own life where something positive was able to come out of what seemed like a really negative/situation? Describe it, how did you feel in it? How did you feel after? Thinking about a time when you had to think about whether to forgive someone who was mean, unkind, or horrible, or not. Knowing how you felt, how do you think Joseph might have been feeling when he saw his brothers? Who did God use to help him to make his choice about what to do? Who are those people in your life? How could the story have been very different if Joseph hadn’t chosen to forgive?

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