Sunday Connection Children and Young People

Lighthouse (P1-P6)

Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock

Aim: To be inspired to talk to God

Bible Passage: Luke 11:5-13, Retold  brilliantly in Song Here

To Think/Chat: Why did the man knock at his friend’s door so late? Why do you think he kept trying?  If a normal friend could answer his friends need, as friends of God, is it okay to for us to ask the same thing to God in prayer until we get an answer? Do those answers always look like the things we expect?

Note: As adults, many of us have learned from experience that we often don’t see the answers to prayer in the way that we expect to see them, or exactly how we would like, in fact sometimes the answer isn’t the way we would do things at all! Sometimes we don’t even recognise it ourselves until a long way after. Acknowledging this with children is really important and sharing your own experience is too! The point of this passage is that if this man can persist and receive from his friend, how much more we can persist in prayer and receive from God!

Youth (P7-S4)

Series: Ordinary? Abraham

In youth we are beginning a series on ordinary and flawed people in the Bible that God has involved deeply in the story of his love and redemption of the world.  This past Sunday we looked at Abraham who was promised by God, that he would have a son, that his descendants would be more than the grains of sand or stars in the sky, and that from his descendants would come the Saviour.

Bible Passages- Stories of Abraham’s life and relationship with God are told in Genesis 11:27-25:11. A good summary of the life of Abraham has been made by the Bible Project .

To Think About- In what ways was Abraham Ordinary? What would people have to say about him today? In what ways did he honour God? Did God take away his promise when Abraham made mistakes?  Does God take away his promises to us if we make mistakes? Give thanks to God that His promises never change! Skip ahead to the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 in wonder!

Sunday Connection

Each week we will put up the passage of scripture that the children and youth have been learning about on the Sunday past, alongside some suggestions of how to engage with the same scripture at home. Catchier title suggestions appreciated.

Lighthouse: P1-P6

Bible Passage: Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 6:5-15

Pray Like Jesus from Mosaic: God is Here             

Aim: To pray knowing, from Jesus’ example and teaching, that God wants us to talk to him.

Questions: What can we bring to God in prayer? Is there anything we can’t pray to him about? What are the things Jesus prayed about in the Prayer in Matthew 6:5-15? When do we say this prayer at church?

Learning the Lord’s Prayer: The following link uses a mixture of words and pictures to help us learn the prayer line by line. The Lord’s Prayer Creative . It may be fun to come up with some actions to help you remember too!

Practicing Prayer Together: Five Finger Prayer—Cassie has copies of a version of this.

Two of my favourite books of prayer ideas for 8+: The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook , The Prayer Experiment NotebookA book recommended by others for our 6-8s: What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

Youth P7-S4

This week in youth we spent time in the service learning about Sandra’s experience in Rwanda with Tearfund. We then spent time preparing for the Newhaven Church Bake-Off as part of our Harvest efforts to support the work of Tearfund. The two weeks previous we looked at issues of social justice and what the Bible has to say.

The Bible passages we have looked at: Matthew 25: 31-45; Leviticus 25:1-24 (Harvest Passage)

Leading up to Harvest and our Shoebox services, encourage your young person to think about where their heart is in showing God’s love to the world: are they passionate about taking care of the Earth we are given? Does homelessness tug at their heart? Do they enjoy helping those younger than them learn new things? Do they stand up to bully’s and look out for those that would be left out? Open up about what excites you most in this whole area of social justice. If they are struggling to pinpoint, perhaps pointing out where you’ve seen them do this would be a start! Encourage them to ask God to help them find ways use their talents to show people and the rest of creation God’s love. Make a point to encourage and point out their giftings this week.

I hope you find these ideas enriching and enjoyable!


Children’s and Youth Worker