Palm Sunday Zoom Service

Hi Everyone, we are excited to announce that we will have a Palm Sunday Zoom service. We would like you to be able to join in with our storytelling, so please watch the video to learn how. Please see the video below for details including guidelines to make things run smoothly. If we don’t have your email and you would like to participate, please email

Zoom Call Guidance

1. Please use discretion in sending the link and password to others. We are going to try our best to make sure everyone who can benefit gets the link. Please do not share in a public forum as there have been cases of people dropping into worship services and being unkind.

2. If you chose to turn your camera on, everyone can see you and whatever is going on in the view of your screen! Sometimes it is good to state the obvious.

3.  When anyone is speaking we place ourselves on mute. This is because the little microphones on our devices pick up an impressive amount of background noise!

4. The room will open at 10:15am is Set for Mute All Participants when they arrive. I will unmute you one by one and say hello. I may leave a few people unmuted at the same time for people to say hello to one another, depending on noise level, but when Peter begins, if we all tap the bottom left microphone on our screen, we will all be muted.

5. Don’t worry if kids or pets wander around, join in, make noise (you are on mute!)  Feel free to watch the story as it is told OR to recreate it on your own table following the instructions in the video above.

6. We currently don’t have the breakout rooms feature, but we suggest that you arrange to phone someone else you know afterward for a chat using whatever medium you feel comfortable with.

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