Lighthouse for All: Holy Week 08.04.2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to Lighthouse for All for Holy Week. We will be posting one video each day as we tell the story of the last week of Jesus’s life on Earth. Sunday posts will appear at 2pm, but Monday to Saturday’s posts will appear at 10am. We started with a task last Friday of making ourselves a Holy Week Box. So far we have added a Palm Leaf saying Hosanna Save Us & Hosanna Praise God; A Drawing of a Coin; and a basin and foot from either clay/playdoh or paper.

Today we are continuing to unpack the Last Supper through Jesus’s prayers on the Mount of Olives. The text for today is found in Matthew 26:14-46; Mark 14:10-42; Luke 22:1-47 & John 13:18-38. Don’t have a Bible at home? These texts can be read in many different translations on The International Children’s Bible is a simple adaptation of the NIV and what we have in Lighthouse.

It is also helpful to note that throughout this week Fishy Music will be posting special song, activity and reflection for Holy Week each day, including 2 new songs. Prayer Spaces in Schools and 24-7 Prayer will be sharing at home prayer space activities. Scripture Union Scotland is also hosting a new endeavour, SU TV for those in P5 and up to enjoy a bit of camp without being at camp! Lots of ways for us to learn about Jesus this week!

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