Prayers for the Week (08.04.20 – 15.04.20)

The prayers for Sunday 5th April to Wednesday 8th April are on last week’s prayers, which can be found here.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”

Corrie Ten Boom

We continue to travel the Easter story but try and see it in our context now.

Thursday 9th April

Today we remember Jesus sharing the last supper with his disciples. We may be on our own but let us remember that he said that He would be with us to the end of the age. Let’s think what that means and as we have our meal today, let us remember that Jesus is with us and we are not on our own. What would you talk to Him about? – That is prayer.

Source: Kody Dahl via Unsplash

Good Friday

Today we remember that Jesus died on the cross for us. The curtain in the temple was split in two – the dividing barrier between us and God was shattered. We have access into His presence. This all happened when the disciples felt that the bottom had fallen out of their world. Their leader had been killed and all their hopes shattered. It is very difficult if not impossible to understand what is happening when we are in the middle of events. Lord help us to trust especially when we are lost and do not see the way out. You were Lord then and are still Lord now.

Source: Unsplash

Saturday 11 April

This was the day when nothing happened. They were left on their own with their thoughts. It was the Sabbath. Nothing was happening and there was nothing they could do. Let us remember those who have medical conditions and have to self isolate. Remember in particular Lesley-Anne Weir as she has to separate from the rest of her family. Think of others you know. It is difficult when you are left on your own and nothing seems to be happening.

Source: Andy Li via Unsplash

Easter day

He is risen; He is risen indeed. It seemed impossible and in many ways raised more questions than answers. Was it genuine – who was trying to spread false rumours? What did it all mean? It took time for it all to sink in. Imagine what you would have felt then.  Give thanks that after 2000 years we do understand (a little) of what did happen; that Jesus did rise; that death was defeated. There is indeed hope. Let us all play our part in spreading hope at this time when we are all feeling down. Let us rejoice that Jesus is alive and that his more to life than we can possibly know.

Monday 13 April

Various of our members have been undergoing treatment for various medical conditions. Remember specifically those you know. Jim Grant has had further radio therapy. Remember Retta Lindsay as she is staying with her daughter. Georgie Orme has now moved to Ferrylea and is settling in there. Pray for folks adapting to different circumstances. If there is someone who would like a specific mention for prayer please let John Hodge know.

Source: Unsplash

Tuesday 14 April

Give thanks that Leandra is feeling better. It is good for Peter and her to have time together even if it is enforced!  Give thanks for his messages for us each week. They are very much appreciated. If you have access to the internet sit and listen to it. ( Give thanks for all the people who have helped deliver this thought for the week and other items to those who can’t get out. It is good the way the community has rallied round to provide practical support. Help us all to learn again what it means to be a community and to be available to help each other.

Wednesday 15 April

It is easy to criticise politicians. We do not know all the pressures on them. Pray that they would make wise decisions. There are no easy decisions in this situation. All decisions have consequences. Remember the Prime Minister and the First Minister. May they work together in harmony despite political differences. Pray for the chief medical officers as they assess the evidence and make decisions on the spread of infection.

What the caterpillar perceives as the end of life and hope, to the butterfly is just the beginning of new life and hope.

Sunday Worship on Easter Sunday is at 11:25 on BBC 1 from Banqor Cathedral. Songs of Praise is also on Easter Sunday on BBC 1 at 13:15.

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