Lighthouse for All: Holy Week_Holy Saturday_11.04.2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to Lighthouse for All for Holy Week. We will be posting one video each day as we tell the story of the last week of Jesus’s life on Earth. Sunday posts will appear at 2pm, but Monday to Saturday’s posts will appear at 10am. We started with a task last Friday of making ourselves a Holy Week Box. So far we have added a Palm Leaf saying Hosanna Save Us & Hosanna Praise God; A Drawing of a Coin; and a basin and foot from either clay/playdoh or paper; a bag of tinfoil or similar coins & a set of praying hands; a piece of string/rope; and a cross. Please see our Easter Service Post for ways to review the Easter story thusfar and instructions for joining in.

Today we are reflecting on a time called Holy Saturday. It can be a day we often look over in the week, looking in anticipation to Sunday. Matthew 27:62-66 tells us of one thing that happened this day, but otherwise there is silence, but we can imagine what this time was like and we will do this together today.

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