Lighthouse for All: He is Risen! 12.04.2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to Lighthouse for All for Holy Week. We are nearly complete with our Holy Week Boxes. So far we have added a Palm Leaf saying Hosanna Save Us & Hosanna Praise God; A Drawing of a Coin; and a basin and foot from either clay/playdoh or paper; a bag of tinfoil or similar coins & a set of praying hands; a piece of string/rope; a cross; and a question mark.

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus found in Matthew 28:1-15; Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; and John 20:1-18. Today’s video is based on the Gospel of John account. Below the video there a few ideas for celebrating at home. We have one more video for tomorrow to round things out!

Here are some ways to continue the celebration today!ScavengerHunt_PippaCant_NewWine

  • Create the scene of the resurrection using paints in a window or out of lego and place it in your window to share with others.
  • Make an egg/marble run—as you let your egg/marble go—remind yourself with enthusiasm—He is Risen. Those watching need to cheer on your egg/marble with you… when it reaches the end everyone shouts ‘He is Rise, indeed, Hallelujah’
  • Make Hot Cross Buns: a yeastless recipe is Holy_Week_and_Good_Friday_from_Godly_Play_UK.
  • Try this Easter Scavenger Hunt near your home or on your daily exercise.

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