Lighthouse for All Thought for the Week

Hello, welcome to our thought for the week this week. This week’s thought for the week is not a video! I know, how strange, but my technology is playing up this week. Instead I bring you a sharing of a fun something to do to spend time with God this week. Have you ever thought that to talk to and hear from God, you must be completely still? For a long time I thought that too, but God speaks to us in lots of different ways. Sometimes when we are still and for some of us, sometimes when we are active. So, I wonder, this week will you join me in tryng some active chatting to and listening to God? Will you join me?

First choose a Psalm from the Psalm Walks .  Psalms are prayers and songs to God, they’re a great place to start. Then pick a place to go ( I love the little trails alongside the main walking/cycle path in Newhaven! Where do you like to walk?). Before you set off on your walk, read the psalm and ask God to speak to you as walk and explore. Use the ideas on the Psalm Walk sheet to help you.

Happy chatting and listening to God and exploring!

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