Newhaven Church Children’s & Youth

Hello! I hope that Day 1 of Back to School for those in state schools has gone well. I know some have found it better than expected and others rather strange and overwhelming and all sorts of things in between. Back to School can usually hold these emotions, but I know that this year in particular has some enhanced emotion for many. That’s why this year’s prayer gate, still available to interact with on the church gate centres around our thoughts and emotions at this time– reminding us that God understands where we are and loves unconditionally. Please do visit the game and perhaps use this as a conversation starter in your home to discuss these early days back at school.

As we navigate the weeks and months ahead with lots of changes, you will notice that the Lighthouse for All videos have stopped. For the time we are focusing on face to face interactions and learning about Jesus together, outside, so we’ve put our time from the videos back into this. Toddler songs and fortnightly Bible story are still up on facebook for our littlest friends.

We are exploring Messy Church and all-age worship and what these can look like now as well… choosing to see a new adventure and new opportunities amidst the challenge.

All this said we would love if you do not get our children’s and youth weekly newsletter if you can consider joining our list. This will allow us to keep you up to date on what’s happening a bit better than web posts! If you would like to be added, please email

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