Back to School with God 06.09.2020 @10:30am on Zoom


Just a wee reminder that our next all-age service will be Back to School with God and take place on Zoom this Sunday on Zoom at 10:30am.Please do email myself or an elder if you need the log in details. Christine and I have compiled prayers from across the congregation into a video version of our candle lighting ceremony to share as part of the service. There will also be the option to to join in on the storytelling from your own home by making yourself a rainmaker/something to symbolise thunder;  having some salt to hand; a wee boat; a torch or other light to make lightening; a water squirter/spray bottle.
We will also introduce a new song reminding us of God’s blessing and constant presence even in these challenging times. As we cannot sing in a way where we can hear one another, we are encouraging the congregation to learn some of the makaton actions that go with our new worship song. Makaton is a form of sign language that is used to help children and adults communicate wholly or in part and is becoming a popular addition to worship across churches this year due to it’s visual nature. A link to the song with Makaton can be found here:

Looking forward to worshipping with you.

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