Messy Church 20th November 2020

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Messy Church is open for RSVP using the link here! We will have 2 sessions, a 4pm-5pm & 6pm-7pm and there will be a few differences to the usual way of being.

  1. Please RSVP by Wednesday 18th November at 12pm to allow us the prep time needed under Covid-19 regulations and to make sure we meet the social distancing and number requirements. We can only accommodate households who RSVP.
  2. All those 5 and over must wear a mask unless they are on the exempt list.
  3. All participants are encouraged to arrive wearing mismatched socks…. that is all I’m saying about that!

We are so pleased to offer this form of worship in an adapted way. All those who attend will receive an up to date message on Thursday to know what to expect. Looking forward to our time together.

Cassie and the Messy Church Team

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