Easter Weekend Families Post

Easter Weekend is upon us, please find this web-edited edition of our Children’s and Youth Newsletter. Attached are ways to join in with worship this weekend from home.


Well done to everyone for making it through the second half of the winter term. I have spoken to several people this week and I know it has been full on and exhausting in many ways for parents. I know that for many of you, you are working life day by day, taking each bit as it comes. I pray for rest and restoration to you and your household in the next couple of weeks. May you be released from the obligations of school run, forms (including from me!) and all forms over over-extension that we sometimes feel. The word RSVP is banned for the next week from me 😉 
I know many people are still unsure of their plans for the weekend and thus couldn’t commit to the activities for the weekend. I’ve attached a version of what has gone out with our Activity Bags, not as to do list for doing Easter right, but as something to dip into as it is helpful. It has each activity which goes with a bit of the service, adapted to do with average household things you probably already have. Do as few or as many as you like or none. Each bit corresponds to a bit of the Sunday’s 10:30am Zoom service. All the Bible verses are there as well if joining the service isn’t the right thing for your household.  

Scottish Bible Society also has 2 more Wonder Walks, if you enjoy thinking in nature… there is a word for that, but it escapes me…

If you only do one of the activities in the bag, I recommend the colouring in. A simple banner for the word Alleluia and some thought questions to help us do what the disciples did and what many of us need to do after the past year, lament. As you colour you might want to chat about the questions.  We don’t say Alleluia, which means Glory to God on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Why do you think we might not use these words during this time when Jesus is dead? How do you think Jesus’s followers felt on the Saturday? Are there times you’ve felt very sad or upset/ like things aren’t fair. How do we share our sadness with God? Take some time to do that!  You might even want to write a poem of sadness or lament to God, just like they did in the Bible. Roll up your banner and hide it til Sunday (or whenever you are going to hear the Easter story)

There is still some room to come to worship on Monday before the egg trail, but I will also put up a QR Code with a map of the Egg Trail on the Church Gate to scan and go.. I will try to leave it out for the whole week, but am unsure how the paint will hold up to the elements! 

Have a blessed Easter Weekend and Restful Spring Break.


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