Light House for All_ 20.03.2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to our first Lighthouse for All. Your Newhaven Church Sunday groups team have been upping our technology game (and our own confidence) to bring you something personal from us each Sunday while we are not able to meet together. Although, initially thought of as a way to engage or families, we hope that it is something everyone who wishes can access and join in.  These will be told on our new youtube channel

Todays story is told by Christine and is found in three Gospels. Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:1-10, & Luke 7:36-50. All of these texts can be read in many different translations on The International Children’s Bible is a simple adaptation of the NIV and what we have in Lighthouse.

At the end Christine asks a couple of questions to pause and chat about: I wonder how we can honour Jesus? How do we show him we love him? Do spend some time answering this together and come up with a creative idea that you can put into action. You can even make a visual of what you decided using this idea on Pinterest

She also suggests having a notebook for thoughts and pictures on the Bible story that we can share together when we are next together. If you are in need of a notebook/craft supplies to make this happen, please email me

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