Lighthouse for All & Garden Groups

Hello! Welcome to Lighthouse for All. As Scotland moves slowly out of lockdown, we are moving into a new season for our children’s and youth ministry in which we are trying out meeting together in garden groups. Lighthouse Garden Groups are 2 families that meet in someone’s garden or a park to have fun together, including exploring the Bible. These will meet weekly or fortnightly, and when advisable within the Scottish Government guidance will be allowed to invite others to join them! We will be following the new revised lectionary for those with primary aged children and using the following two materials to help us structure our all-age learning together. Please do drop me an email if you are interested in joining in.

Jesus Without Language : Church at Home Pack (column on right of screen) Published Thursdays and online for 5 days. Also on facebook.

Together Apart: Added on Saturdays and stays online

This coming week’s story, if your group is meeting this week, is about laughter. Have you ever laughed at something that you thought was impossible… so impossible it seemed crazy?! Well God made a promise that seemed crazy. What was the promise? That a couple in their 90s would have a child and that through that child they would have more descendants that stars in the sky or grains of sand. God promised that through that child the world would be blessed.  Read this story in Genesis Chapter 18 or watch the faithful hall of fame video below to see how they respond.

Lighthouse for All will still be published once a week for those who are continuing to enjoy this resource.

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