Back to School With God Service 06.09.2020 @10:30am on Zoom

The Back to School with God Service will be on Zoom on Sunday 6th September at 10:30am. The service will be between 30-40 minutes and be followed by chat and BYO cakes and coffee time on zoom. The worship group has reached the decision as there is no logistical way to gather our whole church community together in person and we would rather as many folk as possible be able to join in together as possible. You may wish to join with another household and be a part of the service together. Most importantly, we need your help!

Watch and/or read below!

Candle Lighting Ceremony:  Every year we have a candle lighting ceremony in which we light candles and say prayers for our schools. Could you please film a video of your family/child lighting a candle and saying the words ‘Let your Light Shine in [insert your school name]. We will compile these into a video to share during the service . Please note that this will be shared on social media after the service to share with our wider community. If you do not wish your face to be seen, you may film just your hands as you light the candle!

Please follow the top tips for filming below and share this with me using WhatsApp, iMessage, or a link to one drive or google drive by 1pm on 3rd September 2020. The first methods are the easiest for me to work with. 07802 699 417 or

Top Tips for Filming on Your phone or tablet: 1. Make sure everyone can be seen. Light coming from behind the camera will make this possible.2. Speak slowly and loud. It is easier to make a clip quieter than it is to make it louder.3. Prop your phone/tablet up using books/household items rather than having someone hold it, it will be a steadier shot.4. Close windows/turn off the telly/radio  to avoid background noise. 

Back to School Bags:
Christine is helping me put together some goody bags of things that will help us tell our story together during the service. Please let us know if your household would like one by the video deadline above!

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