Holy Week & Easter @Newhaven Church

Join us as we explore the Question ‘Is it the End of the Story?‘ from Palm Sunday, the 28th March 2021 through Easter Monday the 5th April 2021. We have a range of worship and activities to join in as we dig in to the events of the last week of Jesus’s life. A mixture of Zoom, Social Media, in person, and self guided engagement is available this year. You are welcome to join us, whether you call Newhaven Church home, have found us for the first time, or anywhere in between.

*If you would like to join in with all-age worship and do not have the zoom links, lease email Cassie.Abousamak@gmail.com. **There is an optional Easter activity pack for Easter Sunday, Please speak to Cassie to receive one.**

Sunday 28th April-Saturday 3rd April– Daily Reflections on N-c.org.uk, Facebook, and Twitter

Self-Guided Prayer Walk

Sunday 28th April 2021- 10:30am All-Age Worship on Zoom

A Message from Peter on n-c.org.uk, Facebook, and Twitter

11:15am After Church Coffee on Zoom

Thursday 1st April 2021- 7:30pm-9:00pm Quiz Night and Question Panel on Zoom. Join us for an evening of quiz fun with a panel discussion of your challenging faith questions in between rounds. RSVP to join in.

Friday 2nd April 2021 10:30am Messy Communion Worship (7 Craighall Road). All welcome. RSVP

4:30pm Messy Communion Worship (7 Craighall Road). All welcome. RSVP

7:30pm Good Friday Communion (7 Craighall Road). RSVP to NewhavenSessionClerk@btinernet.com

Sunday 4th April 2021 10:30am Easter All-Age Worship on Zoom

11:45am Easter Worship (7 Craighall Road) RSVP to NewhavenSessionClerk@btinernet.com

A Message from Peter on n-c.org.uk, Facebook, and Twitter

Monday 5th April 2021 10am & 11:30am Messy Easter Monday Worship and Egg Trail (7 Craighall Road) RSVP : 30 minutes of Story, Actioneering, Prayers, and Games to set you off on our Easter Trail around the community.

***All in-person worship requires attendees over age 5 to where a mask unless exempt***

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